Freiburg Newspapers Focus on Crossing the Borders of Time

Crossing the Borders of Time received some wonderful coverage in Freiburg this summer! First the Freiburger Amtsblatt, the newspaper that the city of Freiburg sends to all households, very graciously devoted a full page to the book. A couple whose son lives in Freiburg brought me the paper when I spoke in July at Barnes & Noble in Bethesda. A small world, indeed. I was so pleased with the story, and only wished Sigmar and Alice could see it! Here’s the link to the paper. Scroll to page 5.

Adding to that, the regional newspaper, The Badische Zeitung, also gave a terrific full page to the book! Their thoughtful account was written by Alexander Preker and was published in August. Both papers ran a lovely array of photos, as well. Many thanks to all involved for this beautiful coverage! The link to the Zeitung piece is here.

The photo here shows Mom and me on our first reporting trip in Freiburg, when I wrote a piece about our journey for The NY Times. Between Mom (L) and me is Karin Hill (a photographer for The NYT in Germany). On the right is Walter Preker, still the mayor’s indefatigable press secretary, though City Hall has changed hands several times.